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Gold and silver plated womens bracelet with emerald green oval stones


Silver plated leaf design chain bracelet with gold colored stones


Stone and beaded bracelet on silver plated chain


Pink and purple gemstone bracelet on silver plated chain


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Sexy purple gemstone bracelet with silver plated chain


Cz gemstone with fashion beads attached to silver plated bracelet


Womens fashion black belt with print design


Imitation, black leather belt
with silver stud and cz gemstones


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Trendy fabric fashon belt with
hooped buckle and cut-out hole design


Silver plated hoop fashion belt with imitation leather bands


Faux leather fashion belt with
unique cut-out designs that ties with multi cord


Sexy braided fashion belt in white and silver color


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Thin, colored faux leather fashion belt with rectangle buckle


Unique studded fashion belt with wide waist band


Stylish cream colored fashion
belt with oval hoop buckle


Shinny imitation leather fashion belt with large buckle


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Leopard print belt with wide waist band


Sexy red faux leather fashion belt on circular design with gold angel wing buckle clasp


Leopard print imitation leather
belt in red with gold colored S shaped buckle


Beautiful imitation leather braided belt


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Gold colored star designed imitation leather belt


Black and white faux leather belt


Brown faux leather belt with square hoops on waist band


Black and white braided womens belt


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Quality backpack with multiple zippered pockets, shoulder straps and top handle


Blue carry all bag with shoulder strap, double handles and side pockets


Silver threader earring with turquoise colored enamel


Colored enamel designs in silver threader earrings


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Rain drop triangle shaped silver threader earrings with colored enamel


Solid silver hoop earrings


Silver celtic knot designed, threader earrings


Purple crystals on dangling silver threader earrings


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Silver threader earrings with
spiral design


Unique fashion silver earrings with pink mother of pearl style stones


Silver beaded earrings in spiral


Unique silver earrings with spiral design and dangling rain drop shapes


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Crystal beads dangling from silver pole earrings


Silver threader earrings in celtic knot design


Silver chain earrings with fashion S shaped design


Silver religious cross dangling
on double chain


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Silver framed heart shaped earrings wth mother of pearl
style gems


Silver dragon designed pendant with cz gem in eye


Chinese buddha fashion pendant


Cz gemstone pendant in shape of religious cross


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Fashion leather bangle bracelet with mother of pearl colored beads and gemstone center


Imitation pearl and beaded fashion bracelet in chain bangle bracelet design


Fashion cz gemstone charm bracelet with silver chain links


Unique geometric shaped pendant choker necklace on black cord


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Crafted silver dollar designed choker with black fashion design on cord necklace


Silver plated pendant on black cord choker necklace


Unique silver plated choker necklace with trendy designs and cz gems


Casual wear fashion watch with silver plated frame


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Faux leather wrist band on ladies classic watch


Womens white imitation leather watch band with silver plated frame


Classic black faux leather watch with gemstones inlaid in silver plated oval frame


Fashion pink imitation leather wrist watch with rhinestone embedded in silver plated frame


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Classic style fashion watch with faux leather band and gemstone inlaid in silver plated frame


Rhinestone inlaid in silver plated frame of faux leather wrist watch


Sexy style womens imitation leather wrist watch with silver plated frame inlaid with clear gemstones


Gold plated frame on imitation, red leather writ watch


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Designer inspired faux leather
watch with silver plated frame


Artist inspired designer watch in blue faux leather with silver frame


Abstract designer faux leather
watch in white with classic silver plated frame


Dali art inspired womens watch with imitation leather strap and gold colored frame


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Sexy red faux leather wrist watch with fashion designed frame


Multi string fashion necklace with imitation pearls and trendy beads


Purple beaded fashion necklace with faux pearls and silver clasp


Green crystal and silver beaded fashion necklace


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Elegant womens choker style necklace with tiered imitation pearls on three row beaded string


Evening fashion imitation pealr necklace with silver plated chain


Three string beaded necklace in creams and white colors


Beautiful cz gems inlaid in heart designs pendant chain on silver chain cord


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Multi stringed beaded necklace with silver hoop clasp


Cream and orange imitation pearl and beaded necklace with lobster clasp


Onyx colored, singled string necklace with crystal beads


Beaded necklace with large silver colored circle pendant


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imitation pearl and crystal beads on balck cord string necklace with large black bead in center


Unique designer cz crystal brooch


Elegant cz gemstoned brooch in bee design with imitation pearl


Sexy crystal jewelry set with chain link design in purple earrings and necklace


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seashell bangle bracelet in rose design with fashion beaded center


Silver plated bangle bracelet with white beaded design


Gemstone supplies for jewelry making


Clear crystal and hematite beaded bracelet wrap


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Silver flower and imitation pearl beads on hematite fashion wrap


Blue and clear crystal beads with decorated enamel beads on magnetic hematite wrap


Green and silver flower beads on magentic hematite bracelet wrap


Brown and silver flower beaded magnetic hematitre wrap


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Fashion magnetic hematite wrap with peach and silver colored beads


Pink, magnetic hematite and crystal beaded fashion wrap


Fashion green crystal and bead wrap with magnetic hematite beads


Blue crystal and beaded wrap with body balance magnetic hematite beads


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Sexy red crystal and beaded wrap with magnetic hematite beads


Hematite magnetic fashion wrap with brown bead and crystal beads


Silver framed mood ring


Changing color mood ring with silver plated frame


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Unique teen mood ring with changing colors


Fun fashion mood ring with silver plated frame


Silver plated mood ring with dolphin design


Star decorated fashion mood ring with silver band


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Silver necklace chain


High fashion silver chain in three link design


double string imitation pearl and silver beaded necklace


Multi colored imitation pealr necklace with multi string


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White imitation pearl necklace with red triangle shaped beaded design


Stylish silver, green, and white faux pearl necklace in multi string design


Crystal beads and heart shaped stone pendant on long string of pearls


Multi string pearl necklace with heart shaped pendant that extends into string of pearl and crystal beads


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Stylish double string pearl necklace with red gemstones andoval pendant that extends into multi strings


Three string imitation pearl and gemstone necklace


Multi pearl and beaded necklace with green crystal designs


Large red oval beads on multi string pearl necklace


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Silver and turquoise colored beaded necklace on multi strings with imitation pearls dangling at bottom


Classic silver chain necklace


Tight chain silver necklace


Silver chain unisex necklace


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Fashion silver chain with silver beads


Vintage style silver chain necklace


Stainless steel ring with cz gemstone


Stainelss stell band with rhinestones gems


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Stainless steel ring with unique designs


Unisex stainless steel ring band


unisex fashion steel stud earrings


Crafted stainless steel cross pendant with gemstone


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Unique stainless stell pendant with cz rhinestone


Stainless steel stud earrings with cz gemstone


Sterling silver pendant with fashion gemstone in center


Sterling silver and semi precious gem cross designed pendant


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Butterfly designed sterling silver pendant charm with precious gem in wings


Sterling silver charm pendant in butterfly shape with precious gem


Triangle shaped precious gem pendant with sterling silver base


Oval shaped sterling silver pendant with turquoise colored gem


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Womens fashion onyx and mother of pearl colored gems in sterling silver pendant


Hip hop fashion belt with silver stud and gems


Blown glass style fashion earring studs in flower design


Imitation diamond earrings in serpent design


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Ruby red gems in oval studded earrings inlaid with cz rhinestones


Imitation pearl and cz gemstone earring studs


Crafted imitation pearl earrings with decorative poles


beautiful imitation pearls on silver plated earrings inlaid with cz rhinestones


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Silver plated circular fashion earring studs


Silver plated spade designed earrings with cz gemstone


Sexy geometric design fashion earring studs


tanned sports wear backpack with front zippered pocket and comfortable shoulder straps


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fashion silver pendant with decorative design and cz rhinestones


Turquoise stone pendant and earring jewelry set with enamel stones and three string cord necklace


Burgundy imitation leather strap on silver framed watch


Antique style womens fashion watch with decorative frame


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White faux leather strap on gemstone framed watch


Imitation leather watch in pink with silver gem frame


Light blue imitation leather band holding silver gem watch frame


silver framed fashion watch with pink faux leather band and cz for arrow


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Unique fashion time piece with crafted design


Large clock face on classic black imitation leather watch strap


Faux leather black watch strap with silver plated frame


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Heart designe gemstone charms with chain link necklace


Cz rhinestones inlaid in heart and circle designed pendant with imitation pearl in center


Large gemstone pendant necklace with silver chain


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Religious cross pendant with wavy edging and flower design in center


Womens fashion imitation diamond necklace pendant


Gold plated angel pendant with crystal wings and imitation pearl for head


Silver plated, heart shaped pendant with pink cz gemstones


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Religious cross, silver pendant with floral design and clear and blue rhinestones


Silver fashion pendant with imitation diamonds and large blue gemstone


Elegant silver crucifix inlaid
with rhinestones and framed with wavy design


Sparkly crystal pendant in double heart shape with silver chain


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Glamour imitation pearl necklace with cz rhinestones connecting to chain


Blue crystals inlaid in cross designed pendant with imitation pearl at center


Unique fashion pendant with rhinestone inlaid in bicycle design


Star of David shaped pendant with large imitation diamonds and hold colored frame


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Large amber rhinestone framed by small crystal pendant


Gold plated slipper pendant with enamel color


Heart shaped fashion pendant plated in gold with enamel flower design


Silver cross pendant with crystals inlaid throughout


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Sterling silver Chinese character pendant


Chinese rabbit character sterling silver pendant


Sterling silver Chinese monkey symbol pendant


Dog symbol Chinese character pendant in sterling silver


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Chinese Ox symbol sterling silver charm


Crafted Chinese character sterling silver pendant


Tiger Chinese symbol pendant in sterling silver


Snake symbol in Chinese character pendant from sterling silver



[ Contact Info ]
China Jewelry Factory

Business Type - Manufacturer - Exporter - Wholesaler - Distributor - Supplier
Year established 2000
Employees total 101 - 500
Annual revenue USD 1,000,001 - 2,000,000
Address - No.2, 18 Building, Meihun New Village, Yiwu. Zhejiang Jinhua Zhejiang China
Phone 86 - 0579 - 5627188
Fax 86 - 0579 - 5245338
Leave me a message info @

Has the hunt for wholesale cheap fashion jewelry turned out to be nothing but a headache so far? Have you ended up on numerous sites where you like the products, only to find that you have a question, but there is no one available to help? If you just want to buy wholesale fashion, without the runaround, exceed your expectations.
They offer the latest jewelry trends and have customer service reps just a click away. Their line of wholesale supplies are organized so that you can look through and find exactly what you are looking for. has plenty of experience with fashion costume jewelry wholesale. They 've been around long enough to know that you want to be able to come to a site that has every item you are looking for, without anything being overpriced.
Being a bulk wholesale supplier should mean providing you with the newest wholesale accessories for the cheapest prices around as well as a strong customer service. promises just that. They offer you cheap costume jewelry that is beautiful, elegant, classy and affordable.

China Fashion Jewellery Manufacturer
China Jewelry Factory And Wholesale Warehouse
China Jewellery Exporter Jewelry Wholesale Supplier
China Jewelry Factory Direct Wholesale
China Jewelry Wholesaler Exporter Manufacturer
Sterling Silver Jewelry China Wholesale Factory Outlet
Costume Jewelry B2B Trade Lead In China
China Jewellery Gift Wholesale Manufacturer Company
China Wholesale Jewelry Exporter Agent Business
Online Wholesale Jewelry Catalog From China Manufacturer Exporter
China YiWu Jewelry Manufacturer Export Agency





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